Winter 2002

Flood Warning

You will all be familiar with the Environment Agency Flood Warnings that you see included in the weather forecast on the television. These are a useful tool for warning people of potential problems but here in the North-West this system is being extended to provide more specific warnings.

Triton Tidal Forecasting Project

To establish a tidal flood warning system that is based upon the local characteristics of areas at risk of tidal flooding.

Key Project Outcomes:

  • A forecasting system
  • Flood Warning Maps defining areas that are at flood risk
  • Established criteria at which warnings are issued

    TRITON uses forecast tide heights from the Met. Office (astronomical plus surge) combined with wind speed and direction. Flood warnings will be issued based upon the forecast overtopping of defences.

    This winter will be used as a trial period for TRITON. Tidal events will be used to assess the accuracy of TRITON and calibrate it for local variations that the models cannot cater for. Forecasts will be based on the existing system that uses Liverpool levels.

    Instead of receiving a general warning that gives a tide level the Council will receive a warning for a specific area that details the amount of overtopping expected. This will assist Local Authorities by enabling the flood warning system to be more closely tied into Local Authority emergency plans.