Winter 2002

Burbo Offshore Wind Farm Update

Article by Adrian Maddocks, Project Manager, Seascape Energy

SeaScape Energy has recently submitted its Environmental Statement (ES) for the Burbo Offshore Wind Farm. The ES was the culmination of twelve months of consultation and research on the effect the proposed development could have on the Liverpool Bay area. An ES is required as part of the process to apply for consent, outlining all the possible impacts the wind farm may have. Organisations such as English Nature, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, Marine and Coastguard Authority and the Royal Yachting Association, to name a few, have been consulted about the development. SeaScape are pleased to say that our studies have shown there will be no harmful effects anywhere in Liverpool Bay.

Following consultation with people in Merseyside, some final adjustments were made to the layout of the wind turbines. This was done to minimise the spread of the turbines when looking West from the Sefton Coastline, keeping the view to the Welsh Hills clear. This follows several successful public exhibitions in the area, where SeaScape received favourable feedback about the wind farm.

The next phase of the project is to undertake more detailed monitoring of the wind farm. This will include several boreholes to provide a detailed assessment of the sediments on-site, to help with the engineering of the foundations. Detailed designs of the turbine foundations, their installation methods and subsea cable connections will be prepared. Contractors will be appointed to carry out the work and SeaScape hopes to use as many local companies from the North West as possible. The onshore connection will be progressed, with the possibility of constructing the substation and installing the onshore cables towards the end of 2004.

Investigations into different foundation types for the meteorological mast have put back its installation until 2003. The construction of the wind farm itself is now expected to take place in 2005.

Copies of the Environmental Statement and the Non-Technical Summary are available to download from the SeaScape Energy website at A paper copy of the Non-Technical Summary is available free of charge from SeaScape Energy.

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