Summer 2003

Sefton Coast Forest Plan

Article by Paul Nolan, The Mersey Forest

The Background
The Sefton Coast Woodlands are an important part of the Coast heritage. Recently the landowners have come together supported by the Forestry Commission and Mersey Forest Team to create a unique management partnership. A joint plan has been written and extensively consulted on in the period between November 2000 and October 2001. The management plan was approved for implementation in January 2003.

The Plan Objectives
There is a vision that will ensure that the Sefton Coast woodlands will be managed into the future as a patchwork or mosaic of landuses to ensure that:

  • Historically important landscapes are maintained
  • Habitats for rare and important species are maintained
  • There are opportunities for the quiet enjoyment of the countryside
  • There are opportunities for businesses in the area to thrive.

    The Goal is to use all opportunities available to work together through partnerships it will be possible to ensure a high quality of management throughout the woodlands.

    Broad management objectives are:

    1. To maintain an area of woodland as large as we have at present, bearing in mind the natural processes.
    2. To involve additional landowners in the planting of trees as appropriate.
    3. To create woodlands with trees of all ages.
    4. To maintain pine trees as a source of food for the red squirrel and to keep the existing character of the woodlands.
    5. To keep about 10% of the total area as broadleaf woodland.
    6. To maintain a patchwork within the woodlands that includes everything from grass to mature trees.
    7. To provide places within the woodland for plants and animals to survive especially those named as 'Priority Species'.
    8. To ensure an income from the woodland where possible.
    9. To ensure that people work together while managing the woodland to help check progress and quality.

    For further information contact Mersey Forest