Summer 2005

Sea Britain

Sea Britain logo
The inspiration for SeaBritain 2005 is the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar and the death in action of Admiral Lord Nelson. So 2005 will be a special year for celebrating Britain's rich maritime heritage and our close links with the sea which has shaped our history and our culture. As a seafaring nation it has been our defence in time of war and our trading link with the world; a rich source of food and natural resources; a magnet for tourists and holiday-makers; it has inspired our artists, musicians and writers and given us challenging sport or peaceful contemplation. SeaBritain 2005 objectives are:

  • to raise awareness of Britain's maritime and coastal heritage
  • to encourage participation in maritime sport and leisure activities
  • to promote the UK coast and its islands as a tourism destination and travel by sea for European visitors
  • to promote an understanding and involvement with the marine environment and marine conservation
  • to raise awareness of the contribution made by the sea and seafaring to the UK economy and culture
  • to develop maritime learning materials designed specifically to link with the National Curriculum
  • to leave a legacy in 2006 and beyond

    Ralph Gregson MBE who chairs the partnership's Tourism and Communication Task Group stated that Sefton is participating in many ways in the celebrations. A varied programme of events have been organised to suit all tastes - both young and old. Sefton's Coastline has strong links with the sea's activities and visitors and residents alike will enjoy these events.