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  Dune scape The Sefton Coast lies between the estuaries of the Mersey and Ribble in north-west England. The sand dunes, beaches and marshes of the Sefton Coast are one of the most important areas for nature conservation in Europe. The Sefton Coast is also an important visitor destination with popular bathing beaches, open countryside, and the seaside resort of Southport.

The local authority, government agencies, landowners and community groups have formed a partnership for the sustainable management of the coastal zone.

This website presents information on the economic, social and environmental issues considered by the Partnership. More information on these issues can be accessed through the text links at the top of the page.

The left menu bar provides links to basic information about the Sefton Coast.
The publication list details some introductory publications about the Sefton Coast.
The contact section details contact information for the Sefton COast Partnership.
A selection of links to websites that are relevant to the Sefton Coast and to the work and activites that take place here are listed here. The projects section provides summary details of some of the projects undertaken on the Sefton Coast.

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Dune scape