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Consultation Reports

Crosby Marine Lake to Formby Point Coastal Defence Strategy Consultation
This consultation presents the draft proposals for a long term coastal defence strategy for the area from Crosby Marine Park to Formby Point. The reports, available on the consultation website (see below), provide background on the history of the area and how the strategy has been developed to provide context. A Strategy was required for this area because of its complicated nature both in terms of coastal processes and the potential benefits arising from coastal defences.

Having developed the options it is important that those with an interest such as residents and businesses have an opportunity to comment on them and inform them. But it is important to recognise that there will be limits to what can be proposed both due to the guidance that we have to adhere to and legal requirements such as the Habitats Regulations.

We are now at a stage where we are consulting on this strategy. The consultation is being run through the Councilís Consultation website at A summary document (1.38mb) has been prepared to aid with the consultation.

Further information on coastal defences and coastal processes can be found in the shoreline management section. Reports and inspection relating to coastal defence can be found on Sefton Coucil's website.

Nature Conservation Strategy and Biodiversity Delivery Plan

Consultation on Issues Report

The consultation for this report closed on March 31st 2006. The feedback from the consultation process will be fully available shortly - click here to view latest updates.

With global warming and climate change hitting the headlines again what future will there be for the wildlife of the Sefton Coast? Nature is also threatened by the fragmentation of habitats, lowering of water levels, and disturbance These, and other issues, are addressed in the consultation exercise launched by the Sefton Coast Partnership on the basis of an Issues Report.

The Partnership feels that it is important that local people identify with the coastal areas and feel that they can become involved. As part of this the website hosts a number of consultaion documents in order to keep people informed and to seek their views on partnership activities.

Sefton Coast Partnership Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan - 2006-2011
The Sefton Coast Management Plan (Second Review) 1997 -2006 is being replaced with the Sefton Coast Partnership Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Plan. The new plan (a voluntary non statutory document) is very important as it will steer the work of the Partnership over the next five years.

The consultation for this plan is now closed. The finalised report is available to view here.