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Consultation Reports

Nature Conservation Strategy and Biodiversity Delivery Plan

Step-by-step approach to the development of the strategy

Issues Report and initial consultation

There are challenges ahead for the conservation of the habitats and species of the Sefton Coast. Above all there is a need to see the coast as an ecosystem and to coordinate the efforts of the land managers.

Consultation on the development of the new nature conservation strategy and biodiversity delivery plan was launched at the Sefton Coast Forum on 11 February 2006. A summary of the presentation given at the Forum can be viewed or downloaded here.

The Issues Report and Summary Report were presented at the Forum. Initial comments were invited by 31 March 2006. These have been compiled into a summary report -see link below.

Summary of responses received in initial consultation

The value of the exercise was in receiving a wide range of views and opinion from people not involved in day-to-day management of the coast but with extensive knowledge of the area. The information will be used to advise the preparation of the strategy and the deliberations of the working groups. Thank you to all who contributed.

The Board of the Sefton Coast Partnership received the report on 6th June 2006 and has issued a response document to show the comments that will be incorporated. Board Reponse 6th June 2006 (pdf 154k)

At the Forum an invitation was given to join one of four 'working groups' to help test the principles, discuss issues and develop objectives. The discussions would also focus on a long-term vision and medium-term objectives.

Four Groups were established and for each a background paper was prepared. A note on climate change was also circulated to all participants. These can be viewed or downloaded here. The notes from each meeting are also available.

Working Group 1: Coastal processes (leader Graham Lymbery -Sefton Council)

Background note coastal processes
Coastal Process Working Group notes. 26 April 2006

Working Group 2: Water resources (leader Graham Weaver - English Nature)

Background note water resources
Water Resource Working Group notes. 27 April 2006

Working Group 3: Habitats and Species (leaders Alice Kimpton -English Nature and Steve White -Lancashire Wildlife Trust)

Background note habitats and species
Habitats and Species Working Group notes. 2 May 2006

Working Group 4: Integrated landscape management (leader Andrew Brockbank-National Trust)

Background note integrated landscape management
Integrated Landscape Management Working Group notes. 4 May 2006

Background note climate change

Participants in working groups and other consultees were invited to field visits in August 2006. These looked at a number of issues on-site. Background notes have been prepared.

Notes for field excursion - Coastal processes - 1st August 2006
Notes for field excursion - Habitats and species - 3rd August 2006

Notes from field excursions

The first phase of consultation closed with a meeting of working groups and other consultees to agree a list of 'features' to be considered in the strategy. Features are the elements, physical, biological and socio-economic which, taken together, make the special character of the Sefton Coast. The background notes describe the process.

Background note on features, factors and objectives.

The group discussion agreed a set of features to be included in the draft strategy. For each of these the next stage is to prepare objectives (i.e. what we want to do). This will lead into the second stage of consultation.

Report on working group meeting

Before work begins to prepare a draft strategy there will be a forum-style meeting for key stakeholders to confirm the principles underpinning the strategy and the direction and scope of the strategy. As the strategy develops there will be a more formal round of consultation with stakeholders

The aim is to have an adopted strategy by April 2007.

Contact and further information

For further information, to offer to join the working groups or to request a meeting or presentation please contact John Houston on 0151 934 2962 or 0151 934 2967 (to leave a message).


Mail: Sefton Coast Partnership, Ainsdale Discovery Centre Complex, The Promenade, Shore Road, Ainsdale-on-Sea, Southport, PR8 2QB