The Coastal Landscape



Landscape Partnership funding is designed to support schemes led by partnerships of local, regional and national interests which aim to conserve landscape areas of distinct local character in the United Kingdom. The Heritage Lottery Fund priorities for support are for schemes which provide long-term benefits by;

  • Conserving or restoring the built and natural features that create the historic character of the landscape;
  • Conserving and celebrating the cultural associations and activities of the landscape area;
  • Encouraging more people to access, learn about, become involved in and make decisions on their landscape heritage; and
  • Improving understanding of local craft and other skills by providing training opportunities.

    The Sefton Coast Partnership submitted an initial enquiry in September 2006. Heritage Lottery Officers visited the area and discussed our outline ideas. This led to the submission of a Planning Grant application in March 2007. In June 2007 we heard that we had been successful in securing a grant to employ a Planning Officer for six months and to commission a number of reports to help the application.

    Planning work got underway in September 2007 and, after a hectic planning period, we were pleased to submit a detailed application in March 2008. This is being assessed by Heritage Lottery Grants Officers; the HLF Board will take the final decision in October 2008. Even if we get this 'Stage-1 Pass' we would need another year to develop and confirm all the projects so we would not actually get underway until 2010. The value of the total landscape scheme submission, to be delivered over three years is 1,650,000 of which we are asking the Heritage Lottery Fund for about 1,200,000.