The Coastal Landscape


The Landscape Partnership Scheme Application

The application to the Heritage Lottery Fund required the development of four key documents. These are a landscape character study, landscape strategy, audience development plan and training plan.

The first of these is an assessment of the landscape character of the Sefton Coast. The information on landscape character types, historic landscape, coastal habitats and community views has been summarised in a booklet The Sefton Coast Landscape.

A Word document of the text only of the booklet is available.

The Sefton Coast Landscape Word doc

A list of references is given at the end of the document. In addition to the community workshop reports summary reports were commissioned on archaeology and history and coastal vegetation communities.

Archaeology and History of Sefton's Coast Landscape
The Sefton Coast, Merseyside: an introduction to the broad vegetation communities

The Landscape Strategy sets out how the Landscape Partnership Scheme fits within the existing structure of the Sefton Coast Partnership. It shows how the Heritage Lottery Fund scheme supports the Coast Management Plan and the strategies that have been prepared for access, nature conservation and interpretation. The first part of the strategy (15 pages) outlines the vision, aims and objectives of the Landscape Partnership Scheme. The second part (10 pages) outlines the broad programmes and projects. Information on linked strategies is given in appendicies. Outline details of the programmes and projects have also been submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund. If the application is successful these will be developed in 2008-2009.

A Landscape Partnership Scheme is focused on people. In particular it should focus on selected audiences, usually audiences where we, as a partnership, can do more to offer opportunities for involvement. Our target audiences were selected through the community workshops, discussions within the Sefton Coast Partnership and advice from organisations such as Sefton Council for Voluntary Service.

The audience development and access plan contains a summary of information on the current use of the Sefton Coast and identifies seven audience groups who will be targeted in the scheme. The selected audiences are;

  • Local communities
  • Educational audiences
  • Volunteers
  • Active and interested visitors
  • Under-represented audiences
  • Users for health and well being
  • Heritage and nature-orientated tourists

    The audience development and access plan was supported by reviews of educational activity and volunteers.

    The Landscape Partnership Scheme will have a strong element of training and lifelong learning. A draft training plan has been prepared. The training plan will be completed at the next stage.