Nature and Wildlife - National Vegetation Classification Surveys

The NVC survey methodology was set up to provide a nationally standardised method of classifying habitats by their vegetative components.

There are two levels of NVC Survey, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 surveys look at broad habitat types where as Phase 2 surveys go into more detail and look at specific plant community types. The value of phase one habitat survey should not be overlooked, even where a comprehensive Phase 2 survey is carried out. The phase one habitat survey provides a concise overview of the whole survey area and its relative simplicity is particularly useful for strategic conservation planning, for overall resource evaluation and for monitoring habitat change.

The Sefton Coast was surveyed using the NVC survey methodology in 1989 and again in 2003/2004. A summary of the 2003/2004 survey is availalabe here. The golf courses were surveyed separately in 1997 as they were not included in the 1989 survey. The Saltmarsh on the Sefton Coast and Ribble Estuary was surveyed in 2002.