Sefton Coast Partnership


Terms of Reference

The Board of the Sefton Coast Partnership brings together landowners, statutory agencies, key sectors and interest groups to develop a common vision for the protection and enhancement of the Sefton Coast with quality of life benefits for both local people and visitors.

The Board supports land managers in developing an integrated approach to coastal management through the preparation and review of the Sefton Coast Management Plan and promotion of best practice. The Board is committed to an open and inclusive approach for its business and ways of working.

The Board will:

  • Provide a forum for partners to develop and take forward joint strategies and to encourage cross-boundary and cross-ownership working for the benefit of the landscape, wildlife, amenity, heritage and economic value of the coastal zone.

  • Prepare and regularly review the Sefton Coast Management Plan through an open consultation process.

  • Develop a work programme associated with the aims of the Plan to guide and encourage action by partners, including the establishment of task groups to assist this process as needed.

  • Regularly monitor the achievement of aims and objectives of the Coast Management Plan against agreed indicators.

  • Assist partners in attracting new funding to support the sustainable management of the coast.

  • Organise the annual Sefton Coast Forum which will report on the programme and achievements and be a platform for the discussion of community matters.

  • Publish an Annual Report to record progress on implementation of the Coast Management Plan.

  • Encourage community support for coastal management initiatives.

  • Participate in initiatives relevant to the management of the coast, for example the North West Coastal Forum, and neighbouring Estuary Strategies.

  • Support and encourage the exchange of information and research about the coast and its management to serve partners, local communities and visitors.

  • Recognise the individual aims of its members and partners, and will observe best practice in conduct of meetings and dissemination of information about its decisions.

    13th June 2002