Sefton Coast Partnership


The Sefton Coast Partnership

Paul Nolan, Chair of the Sefton Coast Partnership

After twenty-one years the successful Sefton Coast Management Scheme has evolved into the Sefton Coast Partnership.

The original scheme became part of the Sefton MBC committee structure and operated within normal Council procedures. The Steering Group did however include representatives from partner organisations with an interest in the management and conservation of the Sefton Coast. Even though their membership was in reality only of observer status this arrangement provided the partner organisations with direct access to and participation in debates within the Council and proved of considerable benefit towards the development of management strategies along the coast.

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that the Council/Observer model was no longer appropriate and that a more equitable arrangement in the form of a true partnership might lead to improved working relationships and better communication between the various parties. It was also considered that a wider range of interests might be usefully included. At the Sefton Coast Forum meeting held at Crosby Civic Hall in January 2001 the eighty or so organisations present were asked to express any interest in joining the partnership at one or more operational levels. Those responding were invited to two meetings at which the initial structure of the Partnership was discussed and agreed. The structure now being developed is as follows.

The Forum: being the community-wide body representing all interests in the coastal area. The Forum will meet annually and members will be kept informed through the Coastlines magazine (which will continue to be published by the Partnership), newsletters, and the this internet site.

A "Partnership Board" to endorse the main areas of work for the Partnership and to sign up to Partnership projects - especially important for funding arrangements.

A "Coordinating Group" to oversee the delivery of the Partnership's work programme through a series of "Task Groups" which will be established when required to develop and progress work areas.

At present the Board comprises the members set out on the board members page. The composition of the Board will be kept under review - for example members are still being sought who can represent the views of the Golf Clubs (major coastal land owners and managers) and business interests. The Board has agreed its Terms of Reference and these will be put to the Forum for endorsement in February.

The Coordinating Group is simply the Chair of the Board together with the Chairs of the Task Groups, supported by the secretariat - this group is likely to meet more frequently than the Board.

The purpose of this Group is to:

  • ensure the business of the Partnership carried out though the Task Groups is properly coordinated

  • coordinate arrangements for the annual Forum meeting

  • deal with any business delegated by the Board

  • deal with any urgent Partnership business arising between Board meetings

    July 2010

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