Sefton Coast Partnership


Sefton's Dynamic Coast
Landform, Ecology and Management
1st September 2008 Southport

Sefton Council with guidance from the Sefton Coast Partnership held a conference in Septemebr 2008 and will subsequently be publishing proceedings to update and expand upon the 'Sand Dunes of the Sefton Coast' conference and proceedings held in 1991.

The proceedings will cover all of the Sefton Coast and will focus on those areas which were previously not covered, inadequately covered or where there have been substantial advances.

There will be three key themes:

  • Geomorphology
  • Flora and Fauna
  • People and Management

    With three cross cutting themes:

  • Management
  • Climate change
  • Communication

    Geomorphology Section

    This section will focus upon a description of coastal Geomorphology in terms of the open and estuarine coast from the Ribble to the Mersey and will also detail the processes within the sand dune system. Some key areas that will be included in this section are:

  • An update of sand dunes
  • Historic development of the North and South Sefton Coast
  • Pedogenesis of the Sefton Coast using a GIS
  • Effects of climate change on wet slacks in Ainsdale
  • Research and monitoring needs

    Flora and Fauna Section

    This section will update key elements of the 'Sand Dunes of the Sefton Coast' in relation to Flora and Fauna but will relate more to the wider geographical area. Some key areas that will be covered in this section are:

  • A major review of birds
  • Sand lizards and common lizards
  • Invertebrates- Tiger Beetles
  • Plants- Vascular plant inventory, alien species and rare species

    People and Management Section

    This section will focus upon how people interact with the coastal environment. How people manage it are key factors in conserving this asset for future generations. Some key areas that will be covered in this section are:

  • Management schemes and partnerships
  • Collaborative working
  • Tourism
  • Education

    Key Dates To be completed by
    Referees comments returned Mid/End of February 2009
    Final versions of papers submitted to be formatted by Sefton Council Mid March 2009
    Proceeding published Mid May 2009

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