Sefton Coast Partnership


Current Research

Members of the research Network have been asked to detail current research areas that are being undertaken on the Sefton Coast. These research topics relate to policy and personal interests. It aims to inform and disseminate current research tasks taken on by individuals/organisations. If you would like to submit your current research area please complete a research proforma.

Below is a list of titles of current research areas, click on the link for further details

Proposal TitleProposed by
Groundwater balance in sand dunes Dr D Clarke and Ms S Sanitwong Na Ayuttaya
The Formby Asparagus Tradition Dr R. A. Yorke, members of the History and Archaeology Task Group and Formby Civic Society
Modelling the effects of Nitrogen deposition on rare sand dune plant speciesDr. L Jones, Dr. S. Smart
Biodiversity of Birkdale Green Beach Dr. P.H. Smith
The origins and history of Britainís first Lifeboat Station, Formby Point. Barbara and Reginald Yorke
Nutrient budgets of 4 key dune habitats. Dr. L Jones, Dr. S. Smart
Field survey to study effects of N deposition Dr. L Jones, Dr. S. Smart
Pedogenesis on the Sefton Coastal Dunes Jennifer Millington
An inventory of vascular plants for the Sefton Coast Dr. P.H. Smith

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