Sefton Coast Partnership


Research proposals

Members of the research Network have been asked to propose ideas for research on the Sefton Coast. This can be ideas relating to policy or personal interest. It aims to help get research ideas taken up by appropriate individuals/organisations. If you would like to submit an idea please complete a research proforma.

Below is a list of titles of proposed research ideas, click on the link for further details

Proposal TitleProposed by
Japanese Rose - a potential problem plant on the Sefton Coast sand-dunes. Dr. P.H. Smith
Invertebrates associated with Isle of Man Cabbage.Dr. P.H. Smith
Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza) hybrids on the Sefton Coast.Dr. P.H. Smith
Ecohydrology and sediment/soil properties of dune slacks.Kenneth Pye Associates Ltd

Sand dunes