Shoreline Management



The stated policy aim of DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and the National Assembly for Wales (NAW) is:

To reduce the risk to people and the developed and natural environment from flooding and coastal erosion by encouraging the provision of technically, environmentally and economically sound and sustainable defence measures.

There are three key objectives to achieve the policy, these are:

To encourage the provision of adequate and cost effective flood warning systems.

To encourage the provision of adequate, economically, technically and environmentally sound and sustainable flood and coastal defence measures.

To discourage inappropriate development in areas at risk from floding and coastal erosion.

The Council has the following local objectives for coastal defence:

  • To provide the regional level of Flood Defence to protect low lying areas of the Borough from flooding during high tides and storm events.

  • To provide the required level of Coast Protection to protect vulnerable areas of the Sefton Coastline from erosion.

  • To maintain and encourage the use of natural sea defences in appropriate locations.

  • To implement the recommendations of the Liverpool Bay and Ribble Estuary Shoreline Management Plans as soon as they have been adopted by the Council.

  • To continue to improve the understanding of natural processes and the response of the coastline to change.

  • To continue to actively participate in regional Coastal Groups to further develop the Groups to influence wider coastal zone management issues.

    The Council deliver these objectives via a number of mechanisms such as Shoreline Management Plans, Coastal Groups, Coastal Partnerships and collaborative working with other agencies.