Shoreline Management



One of the key issues to the work carried out in coastal defence is the dissemination of the information relating to the subject to as large an audience as possible. This dissemination takes place through various media such as presentations, articles, press releases, websites and reports.

This section is primarily concerned with the dissemination of the reports produced in relation to coastal defence and coastal processes within Sefton. We are currently putting together a report updating the information that we have gained through our annual monitoring and survey work. We intend that this report will become an annual feature and will be made available through this website.

These reports are available on Sefton Council's Website

Coastal Defence Issues and Strategy 1999 Update is a report presenting a comprehensive coastal defence strategy for the whole Sefton shoreline.

Saltmarsh Report
The Saltmarsh Report reviews and updates the information available on the Sefton Coast salt marshes.

Shoreline Monitoring Annual Reports introduce the types of survey conducted on the Sefton Coast to monitor coastal processes and coastal change and the types of analysis undertaken.