Shoreline Management



Research is essential in the development and understanding of our coastal system. It further integrates the data and information collected by surveys and monitoring. It can be very specialised focusing on a small area or much broader based studying the whole system. Research is essential in the detailed interpretation of the coastal data sets.

Research occurs on many different levels from school projects through to university dissertations, PHd's and Specialist Consultant reports.

There are several research projects occuring on the coast at any point in time.

  • Currently Sefton Council are sponsoring two PhDs. The first one titled 'Past, present and future sea-level change: an integrated management approach to modelling the geomorphology and sediment dynamics of the north Sefton Coast' is nearing completion and should be available in last 2006.

    The second Phd titled 'Pedogenesis on the Sefton coastal dunes' was started in April 2006.

  • Consultants are working on the 'Crosby to Formby Point Strategy' which addresses the coastal defence issues in that area.

  • The Liverpool Bay Coastal Group are commissioning a regional sediment and tidal flow study.