Shoreline Management


Types of coastal defences

Anything that acts as a barrier between the sea and the land can be considered to be a coastal defence. Often only the hard structures, such as sea walls and rock armour, were considered but recently the value of natural defences, such as sand dunes and salt marsh, has become more widely recognised.

The man made defences are generally put inplace to protect financial interests as they are very expensive to construct and have a limited life span. As more research is undertaken the defences can be built to higher standards and designed specifically to resolve each areas defence issues.

The natural defences are often favoured as they have limited cost associated with them. However, they have a dynamic response to coastal processes and are often more fragile than a hard defence. The soft defences rely on proper management to maintain their integrity.

Sefton has a variety of coastal defences including seawalls at Crosby and Southport, rock armour at Waterloo, informal rubble at Crosby/Hightown, sand dunes from Altcar to Birkdale and salt marsh at Marshide.