Shoreline Management


Shoreline Management

Shoreline Management is a broad term used for the subject areas of Coastal Processes and Coastal Defence. If you were looking for information on Beach Management including recreation and beach permits please follow this link to the Coast and Countryside Service -

This section of the website deals with the physical processes and their relationship to coastal defence policy and management. The information provided:

  • introduces the physical processes and their effects on the Sefton Coast.
  • looks at the human impacts on these physical processes.
  • details the methods used to monitor and evaluate these processes and their relationship to coastal change.
  • gives a detailed introduction to the policies and guidelines relating to coastal defence and tidal flood prevention.
  • lists a number of reports on coastal defence and processes relating to the Sefton Coast (some downloadable).
  • introduces research projects currently underway or proposed that aim to increase our understanding of the coastal processes within or affecting Sefton.
  • gives information on the coastal defences found on the Sefton Coast.

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    For further information:

    Further information is also available on Sefton Council's website ( If you have any further question relating to coastal processes and coastal defence please feel free to contact us using the details below.

    Tel: 0151 934 2958/2959/2960

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