Shoreline Management


Students and Teachers

Education has a long history on the Sefton Coast with many schools and universities visiting the coast for a variety of reasons. The first formal education programme was set up in the 1960's at the Ainsdale National Nature Reserve in conjunction with Liverpool Museum.

The 1990's saw the development of the Sefton Coast Education Programme which was set up to co-ordinate all the visits across the Sefton Coast to all the sites. It offered a complete service, from help planning field trips, provision of worksheets and wardens and rangers to lead the groups around the sites. This programme ran until 1995 when the land mangers were in a position to run their own education programmes.

This section aims to provide both students and teachers with information on planning and visiting sites on the Sefton Coast, including details of contacts, what pre-requesitions are useful and what information is available.

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