Shoreline Management


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Sands of Time website providing information of coastal dune dynamics.

Coastal Observatory - A research orientated approach to the collection and analysis of marine data within the Liverpool Bay area. Several datasets can be downloaded and analysed.

Liverpool Tide Times 7 days

Liverpool Tide Times 2 months

Sefton Coast and Countryside Service

Natural England's site for schools. This contains material for primary and secondary levels relating to Nature. There is also an extensive list of links to other educational sites.

An American perspective on potential global warming impacts from the U.S. Environment Protection Agency

A site dedicated to school students, material covers GCSE and A Level & AS Level

The web site of the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands. Contains a range of information including a useful section on ICM (Integrated Coastal Management)

The UN Atlas of the Oceans, some areas are still under development but it still contains a wide range of interesting information.

Countryside Code Education section with a number of education packs available for download.

Water Pollution Guide. The site contains useful information about the sources of water pollution and the potential dangers it causes. It also gives a number of tips on preventing it and ways to help keep our waters clean.

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