Shoreline Management


Visiting the Coast


The Sefton Coast has much to offer from walking and birdwatching to cycling, horseriding and parakarting. The coastlines strectches for 22miles from Waterloo in the south to Crossen's Marsh just to the north of Southport. Within this area there are a range of habitats from wide open sandy beaches to sand dunes to woodland and heathland. These habitats are home to a wonderous variety of plants and animal, many of which are endangered and protected. The famous Natterjack toad, with its yellow stripe, or the sand lizards where the male turns a vivid green during the mating season and not forgettinging the Red Squirrel with it's large fluffy tail, which can be hand fed at Formby. A network of footpaths, bridleways and cycle ways weave their way through the woodlands and into the dunes making the coast a very accessible place to visit.

Fish art at Southport