Shoreline Management


Visiting the Coast


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1. Hightown Dunes and Meadows

An unusual area fronted by an informal rubble defence which was formed from demolition arising from bomb damaged areas in Liverpool. It now provides wonderful meadows full of flowers and insects, and a small coastal dune system. Bird watching can be rewarding along the River Alt.

2. Hall Road and Beach P

Ideal area for walkers of all abilities either along the promenade or into the Hightown Dunes and Meadows. Those not so energetic can relax on the beach or recreational grasslands. Crosby Promenade

3. Crosby Marine Park and Beach P

A popular area for sun bathing and recreation with views over the Mersey estuary to the Wirral and North Welsh coast, with the dunes actively growing along this stretch of coast.

P Parking avaiable
T Toilets avaiable